Neil Cullen


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Neil has been working at High Wycombe Pharmacy since 2012 and loves being a pharmacist serving the foothills community. He loves building relationships with our customers and helping them maximise their health and wellbeing.

He graduated at the Curtin School of Pharmacy in 2008, and then worked as a hospital pharmacist at Swan District and Kalamunda Hospitals for almost 5 years, before making the switch back to community pharmacy. During his time working in the hospital Neil worked mostly in the general medical, mental health, stroke/rehab and palliative wards, whilst also completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy.

Since beginning work in High Wycombe as a full time Pharmacist, Neil's main aim is to ensure that our customers understand their medicines as much as possible, to keep them in the community and prevent them from going into hospital whenever possible.

Neil also has experience in sleep apnoea, immunisations, compression stockings and wound care.

Neil was born in Ireland, but his family moved to Australia when he was 3 years old and he has lived in Perth ever since. When not working he is usually busy with his wife and two young boys, and stays up late watching English football.

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