Quit Smoking

Thinking of quitting smoking? Or are you about to try again?

Then let us help you – and no we won’t lecture you, or give you stats on how much money you can save! Trying to quit an ingrained habit is not easy and requires determination and will power, we are here to support you in your efforts.

Our caring, trained Pharmacists are able to provide you with advice, support and nicotine replacement products that will ease your cravings and help you become a non-smoker. We will explain the differences between patches and gum, which strength is best to start with, how to effectively use the products, how to cope without a cigarette and what to do in a crisis.

There is no charge for this information and all the support you require from us. Our reward is another non-smoker and a healthier you. With the right support and resources, you can give yourself every chance to QUIT FOREVER.

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