Compression Stockings/Socks

Personalised measure & fit service

All of our Pharmacists have been trained to provide a full measure and fit service for compression garments. Our range of Venosan products includes options for everyday wear, travel, sports, as well as the medical compression range after referral by your GP or vascular specialist.

Compression stocking or socks are ideal for:

  • Aching tired legs
  • Travel (car, flights, prolonged sitting)
  • Pregnancy
  • Medical compression after surgery

Compression stockings provide graduated compression, beginning at the ankle and releasing up the leg. This promotes the circulation of the blood and gives your legs noticeably better support. They are available in below-knee length, thigh-length or pantyhose type (with belt) options. Compression needs to be at least 17mg at the ankle for them to work effectively and they come in a range of compression levels to suit your needs.

Did you know - A correctly fitted compression stocking needs to be at least 17mg at the ankle for them to work effectively.

Venosan - better quality, longer-lasting compression

Venosan products are of high quality with a wide range of fabrics and sizes. Unlike other similar products, the compression is stitched into the fabric to provide better quality, longer-lasting compression. They are made in Switzerland and are currently the garment of choice for most vascular specialists across Perth.

It is also handy to know the private health funds will reimburse some or all of the cost of the Venosan compression range.

Speak to one of our Pharmacists in-store to find a product perfectly suited to you.

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