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Hanging on over Christmas

It seems, sadly, for many people an essential part of being able to enjoy the festive season is overeating and particularly over drinking.

In fact, despite the known consequences, for some people a culture of drinking to excess is very much a part of every celebration.

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Thirty years later, HIV is still here

It's now 30 years since the first reported case of AIDS. And despite sustained efforts to eradicate the disease there are still 7000 new HIV infections every day. In 1988 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared 1 December the first World AIDS Day. Its aim was, and remains, to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS issues, and particularly the need for support and understanding for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Seven billion and counting

It has been estimated that, sometime within the past few weeks, the world’s population has ticked over the seven billion mark. It seems we’re populating the world at an ever increasing rate. Fifty years ago there were about three billion of us. In half a century we’ve had to find room for more than twice the number of people within the same available space. So getting fat will become an even less comfortable option.

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Looking after our largest organ

Skin – it’s our largest and most visible organ; and generally it does a pretty good job of keeping all our other organs neatly packaged and safe and sound inside our body.

However, as a result of exposure (often over exposure), to unfriendly “elements” and occasional (sometimes frequent) neglect by its owner, skin can become quite traumatised. And the result: a dry, inflamed, irritating, itchy redness of the skin known as eczema.

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Keeping an open mind about mental health

Over the past few years Europe has been plagued by financial woes with Spain and Portugal, Ireland, Italy and especially Greece decidedly unwell. However, according to a recent study in the Journal EuropeanNeuropsychopharmacology, Europe’s illness extends far beyond the collective hip pocket.

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Suspect Stroke? Think fast

Heart and blood-vessel disease, known medically as cardiovascular disease, remains Australia’s number one killer. It affects nearly 2.5 million Australians. Together, heart attack and stroke (maybe we should call it “brain attack”) account for around a third of all deaths in Australia.

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Happiness is not having a headache

At the time of National Headache and Migraine Awareness Week (18 - 25 September), it’s a reminder that headache is one of the most common symptoms experienced by humans. It’s quite unusual not to have at least the occasional headache. In fact, studies have shown that more than 30% of Australians have a headache at least once a month, and about 5% of our population gets a headache on a daily basis.

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Hay fever – not really a condition to be sneezed at

It’s pretty well accepted that, in Australia, August is the windy month. And that means all those airborne pollutants and newly sprung pollens are blown into our nasal passages.

Traditionally, spring is said to be the start of the peak season for hay fever; however, hay fever is so common in Australia all year round that the terms seasonal and perennial have been superseded by a new classification: intermittent and persistent.

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How healthy is your hearing?

National Hearing Week is an annual event held in the last week of August. It provides an opportunity to raise community awareness of hearing impairment and ways to protect to your hearing.

It’s a reminder also that the ears are much more than a couple of fairly useful appendages either side of our head. The ear is a complex piece of equipment consisting of many parts – not just the visible exterior section. And the ear is responsible not only for hearing but for maintaining balance as well.

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Coping with Chronic Pain

We all suffer pain from time to time. Pain is an important signal that our body has been damaged in some way; and so attention is required to treat or remedy that damage.

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Learning to breathe a little easier

For about 2 million Australians regular, routine, trouble-free breathing is not all that easy. For these people, asthma is part of their day-to-day life. These statistics make asthma one of the most common medical conditions in Australia.

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