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…..“Providing friendly, professional advice to manage your medications and optimise your health”…..

In this competitive world how do you make your pharmacy a destination point for customers and how do you make a point of difference in relation to your competitor whilst increasing professional and customer satisfaction and improving your business. Well Steve Lewis and Kim Watkins from High Wycombe Pharmacy in the foothills of Perth may have the answer.
‘Providing friendly, professional advice to manage your medications and optimise your health’ is Steve Lewis and Kim Watkins’ promise to customers. They believe in this so much that these words are quoted on the outside wall of the pharmacy… along with a caricature of a pharmacist that looks surprisingly like Steve.
They have a passionate commitment to make a professional point of difference, resulting in better health outcomes for their customers.
I recently visited the pharmacy to ask Steve about his team’s philosophy and how Self Care assists him and his staff achieve their goals.
1. How long has Self Care been a part of your Practice?
We have been using Self Care at High Wycombe Pharmacy for about 10 years and previously for many years in another business.

2. How do you and your staff use Self Care?
We have key clinical Fact Cards in the counselling area. We also have a fabulous display near the dispensary, so that the Fact Cards are given out on pharmacists’ recommendation. The pharmacy assistants read the inPHARMation articles and submit their Module answers. They also access John Bell’s column on the website. The ordering system suits us as we can order the cards online as required. The resource is used extensively.

3. What are the benefits of using Self Care?
Self Care keeps staff up to date with knowledge in vital key health information areas. Customers receive good health information to take home which reinforces the counselling by pharmacists. It helps the pharmacist with counselling, education and training. Having the reviewed and updated cards sent out is fantastic as we can be assured the information we give out is current. Self Care is an investment in knowledge which is invaluable and you can’t put a cost on that.

4. What are your customer’s reactions to receiving Fact Cards?
The customers are genuinely interested. Sometimes they may not be sure about the information, but upon reflection, when they take the information home to read, they react positively as it reinforces the verbal counselling given to them when their medications are dispensed.

5. How do your customers respond to the new look pharmacy?
It has been a wonderfully positive change. The scripts are given out to the customer near the dispensary which is well away from the ‘point of sale’. This provides greater privacy for the customer. We also have a private counselling room which is used for consults. We provide various health services and this area has access to a range of relevant health information. Counselling is a large part of my practice and Self Care has helped me provide this service.

The affirmations and reflections, the so-called ‘writing on the wall’ such as:
‘Healthy Living…
the steps, actions and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health. Healthy living is about taking responsibility and making smart health choices for today and for the future’

….can only make you feel optimistic about your health.

This high-quality personalised service provided by Steve Lewis, Kim Watkins and all staff at High Wycombe Pharmacy, has built positive relationships leading to business, staff and customer wellbeing.

Credit: By Janice England: WA Self Care Field Officer Pharmacist

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