Electronic Scripts and ASL

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E-Scripts are now available! Also known as electronic prescriptions, e-Scripts are an alternative to paper prescriptions and allow you more choice and convenient access to your medicines. This has been in development for many years, but COVID-19 has accelerated the process and now it is here to stay! It may sound scary or overwhelming to some, but once we show you how it works and you get used to the idea of less paperwork, you will see that it is a great way to manage your scripts.

Once your doctor prescribes a medication, you will now have three choices:

  1. The e-Script (unique QR code / ‘token’) can be sent directly to your phone via SMS or email.
  2. We can download your e-Script from your ‘Active Script List’ (ASL). As the name suggests, this simply is a list of all your current ‘active’ scripts. An App is available to help you with this option (see below)!
  3. You can still receive a paper prescription if you choose.


Our pharmacy can scan this ‘token’ to unlock the electronic form of the prescription. If you have a repeat for this script, you will receive a new token from the pharmacy that replaces the original token. This ‘token’ method does have some limitations or frustrations – for example, repeat tokens being ‘buried’ within your SMS or email history. For this reason, managing your eScripts via your ASL may be a better method.

Active Script List (ASL)

The ASL combines your electronic prescriptions in one digital list. If you consent to the service, it pulls together a view of both your eScripts and paper prescriptions. In many ways, ASL is like a digital wallet for your prescriptions or an electronic version of our traditional ‘Scripts on File’ service that we offer.

To consent to ASL, please chat with our pharmacists next time you are in-store. This process is quick and easy and allows us to secure access to your prescription data. A carer can also obtain consent to enable access to their prescriptions on their behalf if appropriate. With ASL, you are very much in control of which pharmacies can have access to your prescription list, and you can allow this indefinitely or for 24 hours only if you choose.

When your doctor generates a prescription, it automatically appears in your ASL (unless you request the prescription is not uploaded). Even if you accidentally delete the SMS or email or leave your phone at home, we can still download your eScript from your ASL. ASL does not require tokens, so you can no longer lose your prescriptions. In addition, the ASL means you do not need a smartphone, QR code or Internet access to download the QR code.

ASL allows you to choose where and how you have your prescriptions dispensed. A key example here is if you were on holiday (remember those?!), you would be able to access a community pharmacy of your choice at your destination without needing to get the paper document to that pharmacy.

How do I view my ASL?

Currently, the best way to view all of your ‘active’ prescriptions is by using the MedAdvisor app. MedAdvisor is a great app designed to link with our dispensing history. From here, you can have a live view of which prescriptions you still have remaining, which includes both eScript and paper prescriptions. You can even place an order for your medicines through the App, request delivery if necessary, enable payment in advance on your bank card, and reduce wait times in the pharmacy!

Ask our pharmacists next time you are in store to sign you up for this service. It’s easy to use, and the App is free to download.

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