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This week is National Diabetes Week for 2021! This year's campaign 'it's about time' encourages us to remind everyone that it's about time we took the time to learn the 4T's, the early warning signs of type 1 diabetes. It's also about time we took the time to get checked for type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes we’re so busy running around after everyone else, we don’t take the time to think about our health. This could include being diagnosed with diabetes too late, and is true for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Not making time for yourself, or time to learn the early warning signs, can put you at risk of major life-threatening health problems. Both types of diabetes are more common than you think.

Self-monitoring your Diabetes

One of the main aims of diabetes treatment is to keep blood sugar levels (BSL's) within the right target range. The key is balancing your food with your activity, lifestyle and diabetes medicines. Blood sugar monitoring can help you understand the link between blood sugar, food, exercise and insulin. Keeping blood sugar levels within a target range can help to reduce your risk of developing a variety of diabetes-related complications.

Type 1 Diabetes patients need to be checking their BSL's at least 4 times every day, as advised by your doctor, endocrinologist, or educator. Those with Type 2 Diabetes should be checking their BSL's once or twice a week, and possibly more regularly if unwell. We recommend a 'fasting' level to be taken when you first wake for the day (before eating breakfast), as well as a 'paired' reading at another time of the day (pre-meal & then 2 hours AFTER eating). This gives good quality readings, which can paint a good picture over time about what is happening with your sugar levels during the day.

BSL targets

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Diabetes-related complications

Lifestyle / Diet advice

NDSS Access Point

We are a National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) access point. This means can supply all your testing strips, needles and insulin pump accessories, subsidised to very little or no cost to you.

We also stock a wide range of great products including glucometers, fast-acting glucose treatments, insulin travel cases, and more.

Need some extra help from a Diabetes Educator?

Our friends at Perth Diabetes Care (PDC) are here to help you if you need extra support managing your diabetes. PDC is patient-centred clinic providing allied health services for people living with all types of diabetes and chronic conditions. This includes access to Diabetes Educator, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, Podiatrist and Psychologist services. Their main office is located in East Victoria Park and they also have mobile clinics around Perth, including High Wycombe and Kalamunda.

A referral is not required to access their services, however in some cases a referral will allow you to access a rebate. Click HERE, or call 61100570 to learn more about how to access their help!

Diabetes and your medicines

Medication safety and education are our number one focus, and nothing makes us happier than helping our customers walk out feeling more educated and in control. Diabetes medications can potentially require more advice and monitoring to ensure they are working safely for you. We can help to simplify things for you and come up with ways to help you manage your daily doses more effectively.

Come in and see our Pharmacists, any time, no appointment needed. However, if you would like to book ahead of time you can pre-book a date and time on the following link.


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