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Our pharmacists at High Wycombe Pharmacy can now administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine in the pharmacy! Stock has now arrived and there has never been an easier time to get vaccinated.

What is the Moderna vaccine?

Moderna is an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, which means it is in the same family as the Pfizer vaccine. This means that they both have the same safety profile and the same efficacy at preventing COVID-19 illness. Large clinical trials have shown that Moderna was effective against symptomatic COVID-19 of approximately 94% from two weeks after the second dose.

Who is eligible?

No eligibility is required. The message is simple: if you are over 12, you can get the Moderna vaccine!

We are encouraging all individuals who haven't yet had their dose to come in and get vaccinated, including all families with children in this age group.

* Pregnant women are a priority group for COVID-19 vaccination and should be routinely offered mRNA vaccines (including Moderna) at any stage of pregnancy - click HERE to read more on this.
* It is also recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

For a one-page summary on what to expect after your Moderna COVID-19 dose:

Click HERE

How many doses will you need?

TWO doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are required, and an interval of at least FOUR weeks between doses is recommended.

How to get your dose:

Bookings are encouraged using our online booking calendar, but we do accept ‘walk-ins’ as well if you can’t commit to a time. Pre-booking your dose allows you the opportunity to complete the pre-screening questionnaire before arriving at the pharmacy, to save you time.

BOOK NOW (12+ yrs)
Now is the time to 'roll up your sleeve' to do your part.

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