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At High Wycombe Pharmacy we are partnered with our friends at CLM SLeep Co. to offer a complete sleep apnoea clinic service. Our service includes home-based sleep studies, trials of CPAP machines, sales of machines, masks and accessories, ongoing monitoring, servicing and reviews, and everything in between! One of the biggest challenges faced by those who use a CPAP machine and mask is getting the perfect mask fit. Achieving that perfect seal to maximise comfort and reduce mask leak is so important to ensure that users can use their machine correctly and achieve the best results possible.

3D Mask Selctor Camera

We are very excited to extend our service to utilise the brand new Philips Respironics 3D Mask Selector camera. This is a premium technology that can help you find the right CPAP mask, personalised to your face! This 3D facial scanning, using our new camera, takes roughly 20 seconds, so it is very quick and convenient. While taking up to 150 pictures, the software identifies 46,000 points on your face, to help fit you with the correct mask right from the start. We can then offer you the option of a perfect 'precision fit' cushion that will suit the contours of your face to create that perfect fit.

Many of us today use the facial recognition feature on our phones for unlocking, downloading apps, or even using our credit cards for payment. Philips have considered this, and the security consequences associated, so the image of your face is deleted immediately after the mask selector process is complete.

Who can access this?

We can offer this extra service to anyone that is needing a new mask, those struggling with their current mask, or those who have had a bad experience previously with poor mask fit and may have 'given up' on their therapy. Even if you have a mask already, we can use it to help confirm that you are using the correct size cushion and frame options available. Let us help you get the perfect fit and get back to your best quality sleep. Come in-store and chat to one of our great sleep apnoea consultants to get your 3D scan!

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