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High Wycombe Pharmacy's biggest asset is its friendly and professional staff. Pharmacists are available to discuss all matters relating to health, medicine and getting the most from life.

The surroundings at High Wycombe Pharmacy provide a comfortable atmosphere conducive to discussing the most personal health problems. You can sit down with a pharmacist while they process your prescription and discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding health and medication.

For longer or more personal discussions a private counselling room is available. The counselling room also provides a quiet area to demonstrate devices such as glucometers and asthma inhalers without any distraction.

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High Wycombe Pharmacy also provides training for university graduate pharmacists in their intern year. The interns bring a great mix of youth, enthusiasm and the most up to date knowledge straight from the universities.

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Steve Lewis and Kim Watkins have been the proprietors at High Wycombe Pharmacy since 2001. They both studied pharmacy at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia and share a passion for their profession, their life together as husband and wife and their son, William.

Steve also practiced as a pharmacist in the UK, in Liverpool, as he travelled to discover his roots. Kim loves teaching and since graduation has been involved in teaching pharmacy at both Curtin University and the University of WA.

It has been a long-standing dream for both to create a friendly, professional pharmacy, which allows for the highest level of care of its clientele. High Wycombe Pharmacy is their dream come true!

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